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Investment in Crypto-Mining, the best way to passive income

CryptoLab LIVE is a company created to give our investors the opportunity to achieve a completely passive income from investment in cryptocurrency mining. By investing in our mining plans, you can buy your share in the technical infrastructure for profitable mining. We are able to offer you a stable profit from 1.1% to 1.5% per day. Our plans have been calculated in this way to guarantee you such profits from the value of your investment. We offer you a stable investment and real daily basis profits.

About CryptoLab.Live Limited

A proven cryptocurrency mining approach


We always choose the best option. We share hash power to mine Bitcoins and trade markets using I.A.


Cloud mining

The techniques we use for mining are exclusive. Excellent results and service to our investors through our platform.


Proven infrastructure

We use the latest technology, with a professionally management. Allowing you to achieve higher results and performance.